Steven Jackson
Full stack web developer
Ruby/Rails  +  JS/React  +  Ubuntu Server  +  Ansible

Side Projects


A maze generation visualizer written to jump into CoffeeScript and play around with HTML5's Canvas.

Made with: Javascript, HTML Canvas

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Open source on github


Immerser is web app to aid with every aspect of reading Chinese. It helps you track your vocabulary, and uses its knowledge of your vocabulary to recommend reading material appropriate for your reading level.

Made with: Ruby, Rails, Javascript

Chinese Dictator

A tool to help overcome a specific challenge for learners of Mandarin Chinese: listening skills. The syllables and tones don't match what we're used to, and it takes practice to be able to differentiate them. It even allows you to filter data by troubling syllable initials/finals, such as 'q' and 'ch'. Audio data is scraped from ChinesePod.

Made with: Ruby, Rails, Javascript

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